e.l.f. Studio Eyebrow Kit

So, I’m pretty obsessed with e.l.f. Cosmetics at the moment… I’m adding to a shopping cart for the summer (and I’ve already hit over $50).

One of my absolute favorites is definitely this eyebrow kit. I’ve only recently even started taking care of my eyebrows. Quick story time: when I was younger, Alexander McQueen (the famous, genius designer) told me my natural shape didn’t fit my face, and proceeded to draw in where he thought my eyebrows… leading to me overplucking for the longest time. A few months ago, I decided to actually grow in my brows to add definition to my face, but I realized that mine are too sparse and messy. So, I started using a pencil, and then I found this.

Seriously, this stuff is amazing, and it’s only $3. I bought the “dark” version, but I’m getting “medium” with my next order, and possibly “ash.” As you can see in the picture, it’s divided into a small mirrored compact with two trays, one gel and one powder. There’s also a little brush, which some people complain about, but I find fits its purpose well. You use the gel to fill in spots and keep hairs in place, and then use the powder to set it. Some days, when I’m running late, I just brush the powder over my eyebrows to bring definition, but I’m starting to like using the gel by itself. At any rate, the powder works great for minor facial contouring.

I can almost see sunlight outside, and I haven’t gone to sleep at all… so this post’s probably a bit ramble-y. Sorry, everyone.

You can find this (and other e.l.f. products) at Target, as well as online. Personally, if you’re going to be buying a handful of items, I’d go to their website. There’s a ton of different coupon codes you can use for discounts (free shipping, a cut on mineral makeup, etc.), and the selection’s much larger.

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